“We’re not geeks, We’re professionals!”

Trobitech – Who we are

Trobitech was founded in 2013 with one main goal in mind; to revolutionize the IT services industry. – The IT services industry is a disaster when it comes to consumer services, and it needs to be fixed. Trobitech is turning the consumer technology services industry around – one device at a time.

Our mission is to redefine the IT Services Industry by maintaining a first class quality standard, providing unparalleled service and completion times, and offering a price model that is affordable and appealing to all areas of the consumer and business markets.

Trobitech was created with Three Founding Principles in mind, and we’re 100% dedicated to solving your technology problems. Let’s face it, it’s 2014, and your world is powered by technology – sometimes it breaks, and we understand that – we’re here to get you back up and running in record time. We keep our Three Founding Principles in mind at all times – because they’re the rules that ensure that you always get absolute quality.